thepunkandthereckless asked: Why does it matter what race the people are? Shouldn't the only thing that matters is people are dying by the hands of the police and nothing is being done about it? Why does everything have to be about race?


Reread your own message. Who is dying by the hands of the police? Black people.. on purpose.. Black people are intentionally being killed by the police… Not “people”.. because this is happening at an institutional level in which specifically Black people are purposefully being killed, arrested and dehumanized by the police because they are Black. It’s really fucking simple, actually.  There’s a pattern— that’s why race matters. We— Black people— are all as en entire race in fucking danger that’s why race matters. Because it ISN’T just happening to “people”… it’s happening to Black people BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK. It’s not a coincidence.

Why would it not matter that one group of people is intentionally being killed..? They’re being killed by the police BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK.. LITERALLY. Why would it not be about race if Black people are specifically being targeted to be killed like why wouldn’t that be important… Why do you not want to involve race? Tell me if you see a pattern that would help you understand why it’s about race

It is about race, I’m not “making it about race”. Why don’t you want it to be about race when it already is…?

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Anonymous asked: you tell crazy stories but has a woman ever tried to kill you ?


This one girl accused me of cheating for having female friends (which i wasnt fucking or flirting with but was just cool friends I dont wanna talk to a bunch of niggas all day i need a female perspective on things) she was screaming at me for 20 mins straight

i dont argue back cause im laid back im just like mhmmm mhmmm looking in my phone checking sports scores and on twitter … so at one point she says “was the pussy atleast good my nigga?” i was like “mmhmm that shit was nice and tight”  all of a sudden i heard silence i look up shes like


*this is the moment where i knew i fucked up*

just looks at me like that for like 20 seconds “im like bae im just playing.. im just playing…”  she runs to the kitchen… and starts going in the drawers “im like shawty u needa chill”   im like “im just playing”

she pulls something out all i see was the light beam reflect off it

i get a good look i see this in her hand

im in the couch like

she starts running towards me so i open the door step outside then shut the door from the outside and use all my body weight to hold onto the door knob, She used to run track in highschool so i think she gon catch me so im like nah im not even gon run and get stabbed in the spine

she pulling tryna open it lol im in a project type building on the 12th floor man I was standing there for 43 mins shorty aint have an ounce of quit in her. People walking by laughing hearing her screaming at me

some middle aged lady walked by she was like 50 she was like “mmmmhmmm she caught your ass didnt she”

im like “ma’am help my arms tired”

she was like ahaaa nope “call that bitch you was fucking for help”  and walked into her apt

then shorties mom came out the elevator i was like thank god.. she was like oh lord what u do.. i was like “nothingg ma’am she got a knife i swear i did nothing ” her mom was like “kita put the damn knife down im coming in if u stab me imma beat your ass” i feel the pressure get off the door and i make a run for it i see her try to come chase me but her mom blocks her Im sure i coulda beat usain bolt in a race the way i was running

she was really gon stab me, If her moms aint come i woulda still been standing there holding the door to this day

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I’m not going to lie, I’m fearful of having any children in world where they can be shot for something as simple as being black and breathing.


I’m scared for my brothers.
I’m scared for my sister.
I’m scared for my mom.
I’m scared for my niece and nephew.
I’m scared for my cousins.
I’m scared for my friends.

I am fearful for myself.

It isn’t just in the streets either.
Cops will beat us, kill us in our own homes,
on our lawns, in bars, in stores, in any and all establishments.

They will arrest people who record their misconduct to silence them.
They will kill people who speak out against their violence to silence them.

The media will paint us as ignorant, animalistic sub-human creatures unworthy of respect, dignity, or safety.

They’ll put up the pictures of us smoking, hands up, anything that makes us appear more “thuggish” or “ghetto” , otherwise to them "justifiable to be killed because look at this niggerishness" .

They won’t stream photos of us graduating, photos of us in suits, photos of us dressed up, photos of us smiling.

They’ll call the murder of us "an alleged shooting", an "accident", a "mistake".

They’ll say we resisted, we struggled, we reached for a cop’s gun.

The dilemma of being a Black person or any other POC in America is the fact that we live day to day in fear of those who should be protecting us and are fully aware that our existence is anything but valued here.

We know we could be sent to jail, beaten, or killed on the word of white person or cop.

It’s not just terrifying, it’s traumatizing.

I grew up with a fervent mistrust of cops and White folks.

Being able to the find the very few white friends in my life  that are good or kind, knowledgeable on the histories and dynamics of genocide, slavery, racism, racial classism, white privilege, and gentrification was a surprise to me.

I did not even expect for either myself or my siblings to live into our 20s.

I always imagined it would either being us being gunned down, beat to death, or killing ourselves from the frustrations of being Black and alive in the South.

But you know, It doesn’t matter where we’re from though because cops and racists will harm or kill us anywhere we are in America.

Ruminate on that White folks.

Ruminate on everything I’ve just shared with you.

I DARE you to say I or any other POC is playing “the race card.

How can we when we don’t even fucking own a deck in American society?


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I used to think that the
human capacity to love
was as infinite as the
numbers and as beautiful
as the stars but I have come
to realize that there are only
so many people you can
fit into your heart before
it starts to swell and
fall within irregular beats
because you can’t
make room for everyone
without losing parts
of yourself along the way. I forgot to leave some space for me (via ink-trails)

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